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Great school... Mr. Cox, Mrs. Cox and staff are passionate and dedicated to the students... great mentors to all... my son with special needs is a camo belt, he started with low self esteem, balance issue etc... due to the patience of the instructors, the small groups and one on one training he is well on his way to being a black belt one day... Mr. Cox is truly a good man and a great teacher...

Lela Randio Ousley


6 years ago I was a very shy and quiet person. I disliked meeting new people or being in any kind of spotlight. My parents put me in TaeKwonDo hoping I would become a more outgoing person. Apart from my extreme shyness, I also had ADD. Often times I would find myself completely lost and embarrassed within a class. Thankfully there were some amazing people who approached me and helped/encouraged me to stay on course. TaeKwonDo has changed my life. Through ATA life lessons and leadership skills, I was taught how to overcome most of my shyness and control my attention. Now I am able to lead classes with a clear direction on what needs to be done. I now help people who struggle through the same problems I was going through. Cox ATA has made me into the leader I am today and for that I am forever grateful.

Cat Dekanter